Friday, May 16, 2014

Outdoor League Rules







1.3D League beginThursday May 22nd and runs six (6) weeks,ending Thursday June 26th.


2.The “self-selected” teams will consist of three (3) archers.  The League will be run on a “team handicap” (2-week-average) system.  The team handicap will be 80% of the difference between the twoteam's per-game averages, and is awarded to the lower-averageteam.  The computer matches competing teams by a "matrix" selection, and will not be known prior to weekly competition.


3.McKenzie and/or Rineharts will be the official target for the 3D LeagueAn arrow landing within the center “heart” area will be scored a "10", within the larger “lung” area will be scored an "8",and the balance of the animal a "5".  Arrows touching scoring lines are considered within the higher scoring area.  Arrows touching the small center-most ring (X, when present) MUST be recorded as an "X" on the scorecard, to be used as tiebreakers.  If the 3D target has multiple scoring zones, the visible zone closest to the front shoulder will be used.


4.If League members are “bunched-up” at the Target #1 starting line, you may start elsewhere. Please record your scorecard on thecorresponding target number, on which you started. (e.g. If you begin on target #14, record target #14 first, then #15, then #1, etc. and finishing/ending on target #13).


5.The shooting distance/yardage to the fifteen (153D targetwill be unknown.  One foot of the archer must touch each shooting stake.  Red stake = adults, yellow stake = women, youth and traditional, and black stake = cubs. Scoring is listed above, with a maximum 150 points per 3D round.  Once scoring has begun, 15consecutive arrows must be scored; no practice between games or targets is allowed.  Scores must be recorded DIRECTLY onto your official scorecard; selective sorting of multiple scores is not permitted. No rangefinders will be allowed!


6.A team may accumulate a maximum of four (4) points per week.  One (1) point will be awarded to a team based on the first, second and third game score totals (5-targets each game), plus overall team grand total.  The winner of any ties will be determined by the team X-count.


7.You are encouraged to shoot bank or “VACation” scores.  Multiple banks may be shot during the May 17th and 18th 2014Spring Outdoor 3D Shoot.  The official 3D scorecards must be usedand must be dated and marked Bank #1, Bank #2, etc.  If not so marked, the scorecard cannot be used for your 3D League scoring. Banks will be used on a “most recent score first” basis.  No more than three (3) banks may be used throughout the regular six-week3D League season, ending June 26th.


In the event of equipment failure and after repairs are completed, a maximum of three (3) non-scored arrows may be shot prior to resumption of scoringIf the failed equipment cannot be repaired before the weekly Thursday deadline, your most recent "bank" score will be used.  If a bank score is not available, an “EQUipment” score (90% of your average) will be used, provided the incomplete scorecard is marked “Equipment-Failure” whensubmitted.



2 May 2014

A blind-score or “MISs” will be used if neither a regular scorecard nor a bank is submitted.  A blind-score will be 80% of the archer's current two-week calculated average.  The individual's current average is not affected by use of a blind-score.


10.The cost of Outdoor 3D League participation will be as follows:

TRF Archery Club members:Adults ******** $35.00K~12 Students ****** $25.00

TRF Archery Club non-members:Adults ******** $60.00K~12 Students ****** $35.00

Note:  The entire cost of 3D League participation must be paid in-full by May 22nd or the archer will not be allowed to participate.League size will be limited to the first 36 paid archers.


11.Help is needed to set-up, then remove and store the 3D targets.The group of volunteers, who set the targets up, will NOT be responsible for tear-down. A second group of volunteers MUST remove and store the targets in the Club trailer. A prompt 6:30 PM start will be enforced.   Archers may shoot their round only onThursdays, but Rain-Outs will be shot the following day (Friday) at 6:30 PM.


12.If a team member quits or is physically unable to compete for the balance of the year: A) A fill-in substitute archer, possessing an established 2013 3D League handicap and average prior to the substitution, will be assigned to replace the missing archer.  B) Or an absentee or “OTH”er score will be used, which is 99% of themissing archer's current per-game average.




3  First-Place Certificates, to the Winning Team

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